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homeRavanasamudram is one of the Villages in Ambasamudram Taluk of Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. Ravanasamudram is 1.4 km from Kadayam and is 34 km from Tirunelveli . (And 568 km from Chennai, where now I stay). Near by towns are Kadayam (1.4 km.) ,Ambasamudram(12.3 km) , Keezhaapavoor (13.9 km.) and Pappakudi(15.8 km.). The following are considered as part of Ravanasamudram as sub-villages:

Agampillaikulam Meenakshipuram Ramalingapuram Vagaikulam & Pillaikulam Ravanasamudram is at the bank of a perennial river named "Ramanadhi" which originates from Western Ghats. The village is at a little distance from the border of Western Ghats. Ravanasamudram is otherwise surrounded by Kadayam , Alwarkurichi, Sivasailam. It is a place of abundant views of nature

Ravanasamudram is known for its culture. It is a peaceful village bound by different Religions, castes and creeds. This village is an example for unity among all communities. The people are very friendly and helping in nature.

Objectives of this website:
  • Bring unity among residents
  • Help people to get the information for better living
  • Empower the people
  • Keeping the village clean and green
  • Helping people get educated
  • Bring more wealth to this Town
  • Look after the health of the people
  • Provide information to face today’s life with day after tomorrow’s maturity
  • Business promotion through this website
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